June 2021 Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Keelby Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 1st June 2021 at 7.00pm
Those present: Councillors T Bentham, C Wakefield, P Wilks, S Knight, P Baillie, 
P Everitt, J Indian, K Stark, D Ash (Chair). 
In attendance: A Burnett (Clerk), 2 members of public

1. To receive apologies and reasons for absence Ref 21/001
P Briggs for health reasons, T Wright due to being away

2. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests. Ref 21/002

3. To approve draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 6th November 2020 Ref 21/003
*Amendment:  Cllr Brierley + I member of the public were present at the meeting on 6th November 2020
    Councillor Bentham arrived at 7.03pm
Proposed: Cllr Wakefield    Seconded Cllr Everitt    All in favour

4. Matters arising Ref 21/004
o    Funding applications: Match funding for the U5’s play area has been submitted to WLDC, awaiting a response.   Sport England are still only funding applications for projects as a result of Covid-19 so unable to complete and submit at this time.  Funding for the refurbishment of the existing play area has not been applied for yet as the sub-committee have been unable to meet due to restrictions.  A meeting will be arranged to discuss the way forward. 
o    Barton Street: new development for caravan storage and a dog agility area.  Also, outlining planning for four houses.  Lots of areas successful in getting speed limits reduced, Keelby should be able to do the same. 
o    Roxton Avenue:  Cllr Everitt has worked on behalf of the farmer to install restrictive posts at the access point. 
o    Doctors Surgery: CCG have suggested the Parish Council meet with the Roxton Practice to discuss issues. 
o    Churchyard Cemetery: Handyman no longer cutting the grass. PCC have spoken to handyman and stated they are no longer going to do it.  Cllr Briggs has contacted the church and advised them to contact WLDC to discuss them taking it on.  Cllr Baillie to contact church warden to discuss further.  

5. Correspondence Ref 21/005
Information received that a Parish Council can purchase a speed safe ANPR camera.  Clerk to explore funding opportunity to purchase due to high cost.  
Route 18 have asked if they can pitch an ice-cream trailer in the village next to the green on a weekend.  Pitch fee of £25 per day proposed.  
Seven in favour    two abstain    Motion carried.  
The roots on the lime trees on Broadway are breaking through the pavement and making it dangerous.  To be discussed further at the next meeting. 
Lamp post poppies – Clerk to confirm with highways if they can be attached to lampposts.  Cllr Bentham proposed 50 be purchased if allowed.  
Cllr Knight proposed this is something left to residents. 
 Resolved – poppies to be purchased.  

6. Public Question Time 10 Minutes Ref 21/006
Does the Clerk have to read out all correspondence received?  Clerk uses discretion and presents relevant information to the Parish Council at meetings.  

7. County Councillor report Ref 21/007
No reports received.

8. District Councillors Ref 21/008
Report received via email. 

9.  Clerk’s Report Ref 21/009
Nothing to add.  All updates are on the agenda.  

10. To Receive any reports from external organisations Ref 21/010
Library – No report as the library has been closed.
Youth Club – Now re-opened.  Guidance form youth Services is vague with regards to numbers allowed to attend, but it is being followed.  
Village Hall – toilet refurbishment complete and a gradual re-opening is in progress.  The graffiti matter has been resolved by the committee.  Cllr Ash highlighted that the Village Hall has its’ own committee and is separate to the Parish Council.  
Sports Association – meeting has taken place/AGM is scheduled for 27th June.  Finances are good due to grants received.  Golfers are causing a problem with divots on the pitches as they wonder around the field practicing shots.  Clerk to check on who conducts refuse collection and to ask if it is possible to have a brown sign opposite the entrance for visitors.  Broadband is required for CCTV – permission requested from the Parish Council.  
Proposal handed to all Councillors for discussion at the next meeting.  

11. Financial matters Ref 21/011
Salaries                                                £1,131.43
Clerk’s Expenses                        £46.08
Multidata                            £38.92
Groundboss (May x2)                        £144.00
WLDC Refuse & recycling (DD)                £36.83
S>E Large-Taylor Ltd (Cemetery)                £692.40
Proposed Cllr Bentham      Seconded Cllr Baillie    All in favour.

12. Planning applications and decisions received Ref 21/012
142902 – Parish Council object.  

13. Neighbourhood Plan Update Ref 21/013
 No further forward.  Public consultation on hold due to lockdown.  Adrian is consulting with WLDC to check plan is okay to go out for consultation.  Clerk to liaise with Adrian to discuss arranging online consultation.

14. Parish Matters – to receive any report or consider any appropriate action Ref 21/014
Cemetery – Can fence on Church yard extension be funded through Alice South? 
Proposed     Cllr Stark    Seconded        Cllr Baillie    All in favour. 
Grounds Maintenance – Wildflower area to be created around the trees in the orchard once planting has taken place.  Area to be fenced to keep dogs out.  
War Memorial    - Nothing to report
Allotments – Aware of some flooding that has taken place.  
Play Equipment – covered elsewhere on the agenda

15.  Items for consideration at the next meeting Ref 21/015
•    Speeding on Yarborough Road & Cissplatt Lane access
•    Grass verges
•    Account card/petty cash
•    Trees on Broadway
•    Cemetery
Cllr Baillie queried if a bid can be submitted for the paddock next to Keelby Cemetery.  Some of the land was designated by present owner for a Cemetery extension.  If land purchased, this could still occur, with the remaining land being used for a brick store.   Is there a possibility of a Compulsory Purchase Order for the land?  Clerk to investigate.  
Proposed    Cllr Knight    Seconded    Cllr Baillie    5 in favour, 1 abstain
Motion carried. 
20.  Date and time of next meeting Ref 21/016
Tuesday 27th July 2021, 7pm  

Meeting Closed 9.09pm