January 2020 Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Keelby Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.00pm

Those present: Councillors D Ash, P Wilks, S Knight, T Bentham, C Wakefield, P Everitt, K Stark, T Wright, P Briggs (Chair). 
In attendance: A Burnett (Clerk), Cllr Beirley, 2 members of the public. 

1. To receive apologies and reasons for absence Ref 20/001
Cllr P Baillie, J Indian, A Lawrence.

2. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests. Ref 20/002

3. To approve draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd December 2019 Ref 20/003
Proposed: Cllr Bentham  Seconded Cllr Wright   All in favour

4. Matters arising Ref 20/004
Pavement issues for report - Cllr Wilks has sent a report through to the Clerk earlier this evening.  
Litter bins and salt bins - no update.  Clerk to contact LCC for an update.
Community orchard - no decision was made at the last meeting due to running our of meting time.  Item to be included on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting in February.  25 trees are required for the orchard; decision needs to be made on what type of trees and the amount required for the sports field.  Cllr Stark to prepare report/request for the trees required.  
5. Public Question Time 10 Minutes Ref 20/005
Member of the public asked why the minutes from the December meeting have not been published.  Chair stated that they can not be published until approved by the Council.
For the new housing development & Play area, will there be plans for speed cameras/restrictions on Yarborough Road?  Traffic calming measures will be installed at the entrance to the village as part of the new development.  30mph signs to be replaced as discussed at the last meeting.  

6. County Council matters Ref 20/006
Councillor Turner not present and no report has been received.  This is believed to be due to Cllr Turners recent ill health.  All issues to be forwarded to the Clerk for submission to Cllr Turner and LCC.  

7. Correspondence Ref 20/007
Email received from resident asking who is responsible for Stone Pit Lane as the road is very dangerous due to very deep pot holes.  

8. Clerk’s report Ref 20/008
Email received with regards to the Defibrillator and the potential recent use.  Cllr Ash has confirmed it was accessed but not used so no maintenance needs undertaking.  Cllr Ash will be the main contact from this point forward, not the Clerk.  
Police report - no issues in Keelby, but sheds/garages in neighbouring villages have been broken into.  Clerk to put a notice on the website and notice boards advising residents to be vigilant.  Cllr Knight informed the Council that the Humberside area is the third worst Nationally for reported crime.  Information to be passed to Clerk.  
Clerk requested a closed session.
Proposed    Cllr Bentham    Seconded   Cllr Wakefield     All in favour.  
 District Council matters Ref 20/009
A report was circulated via email before the meeting.

10. To receive any reports from external organisations Ref 20/010
A) Library -nothing to report.  
     Youth Club – Cllr Bentham was contacted by LCC maintenance team as they were requiring access to replace a damaged cable.  Concern that no notice for the visit was given.  Cllr Bentham has asked that 24 hours notice be given so arrangements can be made.    
B) Village Hall – The damp in the rifle range has been assessed.   A trickle drain needs to be installed to take the water away and prevent it seeping through the wall.       
C) Sports Association – The next meeting will be held on 29th January. 7.30pm.  No further update.   

11. Financial Matters Ref 20/011
Salaries                                                £685.32
Clerk’s Expenses                        £37.04
Multidata                            £38.92
Zurich Insurance (Vehicle)                    £323.39
Zurich Insurance                        £619.05
WLDC Refuse & recycling (DD)                £36.83
Everitt & Sons (waste removal)                £269.60
Office Friends                            £25.88
Santa Run prize                        £50.00
Resolved to approve payments.
Proposed Cllr Bentham        Seconded Cllr Wright         All in favour.

Clerk presented a copy of proposed budget headings for 2020/2021.  Headings and allocations remain unchanged from 2019/2020 with the following exceptions:  
•    Insurance budget increased to £4000 to cover Parish Council Policies and the Buildings insurance for the Sports Pavilion
•    Membership fees increased due to higher fees from LALC
•    Separate budget heading for fuel for the mower as current spend attributed to Mower repairs.  
Discussion around Alice South Charity took place.
Precept estimation was discussed.  This was distributed to Councillors via email prior to the meeting, outlining the 5% increase discussed at the last meeting.  
Cllr Bentham proposed to approve the 5% increase.  Cllr Wright Seconded this proposal.
Cllr Ash Proposed that no increase be imposed.  Cllr Briggs seconded this proposal.
Proposal 1 = 5 in favour
Proposal 2 = 3 in favour 
5% increase carried.
Clerk to produce a breakdown of the budget and distribute to Councillors so it is clear what funds are in reserve for projects.  

12. Planning applications and decisions received Ref 20/012
No applications or approvals received.  

13. Neighbourhood Plan. Ref 20/013
Meeting has taken place and plan writing has recommenced.  Initial discussions around consultation have taken place.  The dates and timescales are to be confirmed at the next meeting, which is taking place on Thursday 23rd January.  Hopeful of presenting draft to the Parish Council in the spring.  

 14. Parish matters – To receive any report or consider any appropriate action Ref 20/014
a) Cemetery – Clerk to contact owners of adjoining field to inform them the fence is falling down.  
b) Grounds Maintenance  - Nothing to report.  
c) War memorial – All okay.  
d) Allotments – No meeting.  The field is flooded, but the allotment area is not affected.  
e) Play Equipment – No update.

15. Policies for approval Ref 20/015
Grants Policy - Proposed Cllr Bentham  Seconded  Cllr Ash   All in Favour
Vexatious Policy - Proposed Cllr Ash   Seconded Cllr Wakefield   All in Favour  
Adopted, but to be used sparingly.  Policy summary to be adopted as per the policy.  
Financial regulations - Proposed  Cllr Wright   Seconded Cllr Ash   Al  in Favour
ICT - proposed that we do not have this policy at this time  
Proposed   Cllr Wright   Seconded Cllr Knight   All in Favour.  

16. Citizens Advice Support Ref 20/016
Proposed that we give a donation of £100
Proposed Cllr Bentham   Seconded Cllr Wakefield   All in Favour.
1720. To receive general comments from members for consideration on the next agenda Ref 20/017
Salt bins & rubbish bins
Community Orchard
Meeting Closed 8.05pm
Date and Time of next meeting – February 4th 2020, 7.00pm