January 2018 Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Keelby Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 at 7.00pm
Those present: Councillors D Ash, J Indian ( chair), P Briggs ,T Bentham, G Hirst, M Funnel,  P Everitt,  P Baillie, S Knight.
In attendance: J Waite (Clerk) Cllr Bierley, Cllr Lawrence, Cllr Turner  ,2 members of the public. 

1To receive apologies and reasons for absence Ref 17/174
  Cllr Wakefield, Cllr Large Taylor. 
2 To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary  or  non-pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests.     Ref 17/175
None Given.
3 To approve draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th December 2017. Ref 17/176
Resolved to approve as a true record, with the following amendment
Mill Lane should be closed to traffic the A18 end.
Proposed Cllr Briggs.    Seconded Cllr Ash.   All in favour.
4 Public Question Time 10 Minutes Ref 17/177
No questions raised.
5 County Council matters Ref 17/178.
No new issues were reported. 
6 Clerk’s report Ref 17/179
No Police report received.
There is a growing problem of dog fouling on Victoria Street, but the issue seems to be loose dogs whose owners are not there to clean up. WLDC no longer have Dog Wardens. 
The new community group are to look at applying for grant for future village projects. 
7 District Council matters Ref 17/180
A report was circulated via email before the meeting.
The District Councillor and Parish Councillors would like to thank Mrs P Thompson and Mrs M Waller for the work they have done in the village over many years, especially organising the pensioner Christmas lunch each year. 
The consultation on the boundary review is taking place. Parish council to write in support.

8.To receive any reports from external organisations Ref 17/181
A) Library / Youth Club – No report given.
B) Village Hall –  No report given.
C) Sports Association   -  Wilkins and Chapman have been contacted about a new lease for the buildings, but as yet no reply has been received. There has been a request from the KSA to clarify their position with the Parish Council, as they are now a charitable organisation.
In terms of the Parish Council and Standing Orders, the KSA and the new organisation are not a sub committee of the Parish Council, and are a completely separate body. The bid to WREN for grant funding for the work to the front of the pavilion is not being submitted by the Parish Council on behalf of KSA, it is being submitted by the Parish Council as the owners of the buildings. 
The Terms of Reference, which act as the lease agreement at the moment will need to be updated to take into consideration any widening of the group with the new community group in the village. 
It was resolved that the Clerk would contact KSA to clarify the situation.
Proposed Cllr Everitt.  Seconded Cllr Ash.  All in favour.
9 Financial Matters Ref 17/182
Salaries                                            £534.05
J Waite  -  Clerks Expenses and Disbursements       £39.00
Multidata                        £38.92
HMRC – PAYE                    £50.20
Wildwood Garden Maintenance            £370.00
T Bentham – santa run prize                £40.00
Resolved to approve payments.
Proposed Cllr Ash.  Seconded Cllr Hirst.  All in favour.
10 Planning applications and decisions received Ref 17/183
No applications discussed.
Proposal to ask Highways to close Mill Lane to traffic from the A18, as the increase in traffic from the new houses could cause problems. At the moment the lane is one way only, and councillors are concerned that people will go the wrong way out of the new development and try to access the A18. 
There are no passing places on the land, so if closed at the A18 end it would become two way traffic to the new development and this could also cause problems. 

A speed restriction on the A18 would also help with vehicles slowing to turn into Mill Lane. A request was also discussed for better signage on the A18 to warn of vehicles turning.  
These issues were made known to WLDC planners at the time of the application of the new development but were not acted upon. 
Resolved to write to LCC Highways to raise these issues. 
Proposed Cllr Briggs.  Seconded Cllr Funnel.  All in favour.
11 Neighbourhood Plan. Ref 17/184
The grant application is progressing.
12. Parish matters – To receive any report or consider any appropriate action Ref 17/185
a) Cemetery – some complaints have been received about flowers and wreaths being moved about.  Look at getting a new bin with a closed top to stop items being removed from existing bin.
b) Grounds Maintenance  - sweeper lorry has visited. Discussion  to look at getting a trailer for the mower. Skip to be ordered, for work on kerb edges and gully’s to be done.
It was proposed to purchase new lights for the Christmas tree, ready for next year. 
Proposed Cllr Ash.  Seconded Cllr Briggs.  All in favour. 
c) War memorial – no report given.
d) Allotments – no report given.
e) Play Equipment – Still nothing heard about the grant application. 
13 To receive general comments from members for consideration on the next agenda. Ref 17/186
Hedge plants to be purchased for the playing field.
Footpath on Roxton Road very slippery, extremely muddy. Wooden bridge hand rail is now unsafe – both items to be forwarded the Cllr Turner. 

Meeting Closed 8.45 pm